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Basul Parik

Prague Castle has previously exhibited photographs that Basuls' grandfather took in 1920. Basul's father, Arno Parik, also a successful photographer in Prague, abandoned his photo studio and led the family's escape from communist Czechoslovakia in 1949 to Germany and then to Chile. Finally, in 1955, the family arrived in San Francisco and Arno created the "Professional Color Laboratory".

Growing up in a photo lab was a great influence in Basuls' life. During the 60's Basul worked with Bill Graham, Fantasy Records, Filmore Corp and Columbia Records utilizing his camera skills. Photographing some of Fantasy's biggest stars of the time, Basul's work can be seen on the covers of Credence Clearwater, Cal Jader and Charlie Mingus. In the 1990's he joined IATSE Local 16, as a video cameraman.

Corky Engel

In 1975 when he was 17 Corky moved from Illinois to San Francisco. In 1977 he started work at Professional Color Lab.  While there he worked with some of San Francisco's best known fashion, advertising and commercial photographers. He later joined IATSE with Basul.

Together, they started several businesses including real estate development and a chain of coffee stores known as Cafe Corbas/Daily Grind. In the 1990's they entered the new field of digital video editing. Using Amigas and the NewTek "Video Toaster" they created videos for many artists, local theater shows, musicians and galleries including painters Yuri Gorbachev and Tim Cantor. All are currently viewable on YouTube. Also at that time, Corky ran a successful computer group and was profiled by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Basul Parik Corky Engel
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